Nustino Powdered Peanut Butter introduced to the European market!

We’re proud to inform you that our company has just introduced Nustino Powdered Peanut Butter to the European market. 

Nustino Powdered Peanut Butter is made using press which allows us to extract and remove up to 90% of grease. In effect, it takes form of high-protein powder which can be mixed with water or other liquid in order to create puffy peanut butter cream characterized by low calorie content and tempting natural aroma. There exist 7 taste variations based on natural additives like freeze-dried fruits, cocoa or cinnamon. Nustino does not contain preservatives, flavor enhancers or any other artificial additives. Our powdered peanut butter will be a great addition to healthy snacks, cakes, ice cream or special protein drinks for athletes. 

Additional information about the product along with buying options are available on the official website: (soon to be available in English) and Amazon. For wholesale quantities, you’ll find it on: 





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