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Producer, Importer and distributor of healthy food, yerba mate and accessories

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Venusti Company is the leader of polish yerba mate market. We’ve always been inspired by the exotic richness of South American soil and we’ve decided to share our passion with others. We’ve been operating since 2012 as one of pioneering companies in this line of business. We’re proud to say that thanks to us many Poles discovered amazing properites of yerba mate tea. In Poland, we run and We also operate in other European Union countries. In Czech Republic we run and in Germany - We don’t limit ourselves to retail sale. We collaborate with bigger clients like tea shops from all around the world on our wholesale platform called

What makes us unrivalled? High quality service and best prices on the market! We’re an official partner to many well-known brands: Rosamonte, CBSe, Selecta, Kraus and Kurupi and we import products directly from them. That’s what makes our prices unbeatable. Even our competitors buy from us! The culmination of dynamic cooperation with South American entrepreneurs was the launch of three new brands: Soul Mate, Guarani and Verde Mate.

Thousands of retail and wholesale customers have trusted us. This is a reason to be proud and at the same time a great responsibility and motivation to constantly improve the quality of services provided. Although we’ve already achieved a lot, we believe in constant development of our services.

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